Friday, June 5, 2009

Infra red heating in your home...

Infra red heating is unbeatable.
It really is the best thing you can do for your overall health and all over feeling of well being.
Infra red heating is not a new thing, we all know it from the medical world (infra red light for muscle aches and rheumatic patients) and the space program (the space station is heated with infra red heaters)
Infra red heaters work differently than any other conventional heating system, they do not heat up the air, but the solid objects around them.
Conventional heaters warm up the air, which then circulates in the room, the warmed air floats upward, cools down and then comes down to the floor. This means you have at the best a hot head and cold feet. You will be either to hot sitting next to the heater or to cold at any distance away from it.
Everybody knows this.
With infra red heaters you do not have this problem, especially when they are attached to the ceiling, which means that the harmless infra red radiation is evenly distributed in the room and the solid objects (including human bodies) are warmed by this radiation, which has a very comfortable and pleasant warm effect.
It optimizes the humidity, because it warms the objects and walls, and because it does not warm the air, the air does not move around, nor gets to dry.
Well this kind of technology has developed so much that now infra red heaters are affordable for everyone and you even save money while using it.
Infra red heaters run on electricity, now you might think that electricity is expensive, but here you might want to think a bit long term and ask yourself how much longer are we going to have access to fossil energy sources like oil and gas.
Not much longer at the rate we are using it now.
So we will need alternative energy sources, which are available, just not really affordable yet. This is going to change, solar, wind and water energy are available, the only problem that still needs solving is the storage of this energy. But they are working on that and I do not doubt for a second that they will come up with a workable solution.
Once this problem is solved there will be no shortage of energy anymore and affordable for everyone.
Our Infrar heaters only use about 0,5 of a kilowatt per hour at full blast (a conventional convection heaters takes about 1.5 to 2 kilowatt per hour), besides that there are no moving parts in the elements so 98% of the electricity that goes into the element is used for heating. This is a very high energy conversion rate, which means you get the most benefit of the energy that is used.
There is no maintenance needed, just dusting the surface, there are no moving parts, meaning there is no wear and tear. You do not need a gas or oil tank for storage, you do not need a chimney, nor a chimney cleaner.
These elements do not take up much space, the sizes range from 50 X 60 cm to 60 X 120 cm big and they are only 1.4 cm thick, you can either hang them on the wall or the ceiling or even just have them standing freely on their own. They weigh approx. 8 kg, which means they are very easy to handle and when you move to another place, you just take your heaters with you.
They come in a wide variety of designs and decors, the standard is in either white or black, either with a smooth or a rough finish, but almost any color is possible. You can have it as a mirror, a picture (either your own or from our gallery), in glass (clear or, ceramic or stone, like granite, pebbles or marble.
You can choose to have them with or without a frame, the choice in frames is aluminum (11 or 31 mm) or wood (34 mm wide).
So you can see there will be one to your taste, according to your wishes.
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